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St. Ambrose Catholic Church

822 W. Homer M. Adams Parkway
Godfrey, IL 62035


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St. Ambrose Catholic Church
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Tuition 2018-2019

Parishioner Non Parishioner
3/4 Year Old Preschool
Three half days a week $1,200 $1,500
Three full days a week $2,480 $3,070
Five half days a week $1,980 $2,290
Five full days a week $3,970 $4,330
Grades K-8
One child $3,700 $5,150
Two children $5,450 $6,850
Three children $5,950 $7,350
Four children or more NO ADDITIONAL TUITION OR FEES CHARGED $500 tuition per additional children
Supply/Book Fees and Technology Fees are charged for each child’s educational materials and for the materials and equipment used during the school day. 

Supply/Book Fee

3/4 Year Old Preschool
Three days a week $60
Five days a week $100

Supply / Technology Fee

Grades K-8 Supply Fee (per child) $250
Grades 6-8 iPad Leasing Fee (per child) $120

Tuition Payment Options

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